nslookup equivalent for WINS

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Mon Sep 28 14:42:37 GMT 1998

> > Is there an nslookup equivalent for WINS.  I want to be able to query WINS
> > servers - preferably from a command line.
> nmblookup -U server -R 'query'
> where query is a netbios name with an optional #type after it, for
> example:
> bash$ nmblookup -U samba -R IRIX#1B
> Sending queries to
> IRIX<1b>
> that finds the domain master browser (1B name) for the IRIX workgroup.
> -U means unicast query to specified address or host (needed for WINS)
> -R means recursive lookup (needed to direct the query to wins portion
>    of server rather than the bcast portion of the server)

not quite: or, if so, then ther shoure be a separate -B option.  -R means
recursive lookup, which directs the query to the WINS server portion of
the netbios kernel rather than the WINS client portion.  if no wins server
is installed then the recursion flag is ignored: the wins client
effectively becomes the wins server but only for its own wins client

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