Workstation would not join domain.

Matthew Geier matthew at
Sun Sep 27 01:13:20 GMT 1998

 Well I found my problem - a encryped passwords = no in the config
file for the workstation I was playing with.
(I have a smb.%M.comf include, which enables me to turn features on and
off per workstation).
 I had for some reason turned off encrpted passwords for the workstation
I been playing with the last couple of days.

 I still can get Samba to send a user list to either win95 or NT.
Im getting (from NT) Unable to browse .... 'Invalid access to memory
location'. (Add user to share dialog..)

 The debug trace shows Samba collecting information about every user,
but it doesnt make it to the workstation...

 Ill make the debug log available if needed.

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