Profiles - Double checking

Dana Canfield canfield at
Sat Sep 26 21:44:14 GMT 1998

OK, after further testing I've found that my original solution doesn't
work either.  So, can anyone tell me if there *is* a good way to keep the
profile in the user's home directory?  The main reason I want to do this
is the quantity of users I have.  The home directories are hashed
(/home/u/username, etc), so it seems counter-productive to throw that many
directories into one place to store the profiles.  It also makes it much
easier to delete users later.

Thanks for any help.

On Sun, 27 Sep 1998, Dana Canfield wrote:

> I think I finally understand the problem with roaming profiles related
> to %U.  Despite the potential for trouble, I've found that it causes
> even more trouble for me if I don't keep the profiles in the user's home
> directory.  So now, in the smb.conf, I have
> logon drive = H:
> include = %H/.user.conf
> Then, in the user's home directory, in a file named .user.conf stored in
> the user's home directory, I have the line:
> logon path = /path/to/users/home/directory/.profile
> Is there anything inhrently wrong with this setup?  If so, is there any
> way to do something similar?  I don't mind having to manually create the
> /user.conf files, scripts can take care of that.
> Thanks!

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