Profiles - Double checking

Dana Canfield canfield at
Sat Sep 26 17:11:32 GMT 1998

I think I finally understand the problem with roaming profiles related
to %U.  Despite the potential for trouble, I've found that it causes
even more trouble for me if I don't keep the profiles in the user's home
directory.  So now, in the smb.conf, I have

logon drive = H:
include = %H/.user.conf

Then, in the user's home directory, in a file named .user.conf stored in
the user's home directory, I have the line:

logon path = /path/to/users/home/directory/.profile

Is there anything inhrently wrong with this setup?  If so, is there any
way to do something similar?  I don't mind having to manually create the
/user.conf files, scripts can take care of that.


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