Assorted questions

Ken Stone ken at
Fri Sep 25 22:25:02 GMT 1998

Both of these questions might be answerable on the regular Samba list but
since we ONLY run the DOMAIN code, I thought I should run it by here first.

Both of these issues are on most recent versions of 2.0alpha

Scenario in both cases is an HPUX box as the Samba server, win95 and NT4.0
clients, domain is run from NT4.0 PDC which Samba has joined.

First Question:

Regarding LFN support ... Comparing behaviour of a real Nt 4.0 fle server to
Samba.  With NT server file displays as (it was put there via ftp 
from a unix box).  On win95/NT client file displays as (say in 
explorer).  In a dos window on win95/NT client file displays as (from dir)

	    BLAH~1   JAV   10 09-09-98 11:28a

I can say "type" and it works.

Now if I put the same file on my Samba server, the file displays as (under UNIX).  On win95/NT client file displays as (say 
in explorer).  But in dos a window on win95/NT client the file displays as 
(using dir) (With mangled names = yes on Samba)

	    BLAH~Q6  JAV   10 09-09-98 11:28a 

Note that in general, the last field in the dir output (
is missing and I am not able to say "type".  Is this a known 
differnce and is there any fix planned ?

Second question:

Regarding Client caching ... 
    * Create a file on UNIX samba server
    * Open that file on win95 client with say wordpad
    * Close file on win95 client (completely exit application)
    * Note on samba server that the client is still shown to have a lock on 
      the file (from swat):
      7782 DENY_WRITE RDONLY EXCLUSIVE+BATCH Wed Sep  9 13:23:21 1998 
    * Edit and change file on samba server
    * Open file on win95 client with say wordpad
    * You see the old copy of the file ?
    * You must reboot the client or kill smbd on samba server to fix it.
    * If you try and disconnect the share, win95 reports that a file is 
      still open. So it knows lock is still there ?
Any thoughts on either problem ?

  -- Ken Stone

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