2.0alpha NT5 problem...

Ludovic Dubost ludovic at netvalue.fr
Thu Sep 24 22:55:06 GMT 1998

We have taken the latest snapshot of the samba source (09/25)
and compiled it and are running it on Solaris 2.6..

We configured as said in the web pages
[ BTW the web pages don't say anything about setting 'security = user'
which seems to be necessary ]..

We were able to add an NT machine to the domain and log on it through
the Samba domain...

However we have an NT5beta2 machine that now can't access samba
anymore with version 2.0alpha. It was working fine with 1.9.18p10

We suspect the 2.0 sends a "5.4" version that makes NT5 go crazy
(probably using an new protocol).... NT4 server see samba as NT version
for 2.0alpha.. Running in 1.9.18p10 shows samba as NT 4.2.

We looked for the place in the code sending this 5.4 version to try to
reduce it
but weren't able to find it... Anybody has an idea were the "5.4" comes
from ?

Thanks a lot !
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