Another user migration idea

canfield at canfield at
Thu Sep 24 18:10:30 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> > > possible to write a or that would
> > > update /etc/smbpasswd when someone logs in?  I know this is kind of
> > > specific to Linux and maybe Solaris, but wouldn't pam have access to the
> > > cleartext password?  I don't have the programming skills to pull this
> > > off, but it seems like someone like Luke who has written several PAM
> > > modules would be able to do this pretty easily.
> one!
> someone's already done this (pam module that writes to smbpasswd).
> remember that this is bad as we use a password api now, not writing direct
> to private/smbpasswd.

Any pointers to where I could find this module?  I didn't see anything like it
when looking last week.

Just for curiosity sake, the "proper" way to do this now would just be to change
the PAM module to
use an API to change the password rather than hitting the password file
directly?  Would that actually
make the module easier to code (or at least, easy to modify)?  If it's too long
of an explanation, don't
bother; it's probably over my head anyway.

Anyway, it's great to see you back in action and responding to your own list
messages again, Luke! ;-)


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