Another user migration idea

Dana Canfield canfield at
Tue Sep 22 15:04:38 GMT 1998

I've been using NISGina with sambapasswdd to migrate users from Unix to
smbpasswd, but I've encountered a few glitches that make this less than
desirable.  So, I've been trying hard to dream up a new solution.  Maybe
this has already been discussed, but I'm now wondering if it would be
possible to write a or that would
update /etc/smbpasswd when someone logs in?  I know this is kind of
specific to Linux and maybe Solaris, but wouldn't pam have access to the
cleartext password?  I don't have the programming skills to pull this
off, but it seems like someone like Luke who has written several PAM
modules would be able to do this pretty easily.

On a more permanent tangent, it seems that it would be possible to
further modify pam_unix_passwd so that whenever anyone changed their
Unix passwd, the samba passwd would be changed as well.  This might be a
slightly cleaner method than replacing passwd with smbpasswd.

Any comments??



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