still problems with user accounts

sebastian hueltenschmidt shueltenschmidt at
Sun Sep 20 21:52:44 GMT 1998

well i got a problem...
i have got user account on a NT-PDC which i m supposed to
transfer over to a samba-pdc.
mhhh so far so good...
i made a test...
i logged in into the samba PDC which serves a Domain called MYGROUP
which is of course different from the NT-Domain for testing purposes.
on this samba-PDC there is a valid user account which is exiting on
the nt-domain, too. this user has files on the samba machine, cause this 
machine serves the homedirs anyway. i tried to open a file that 
was created with this account, i can read it, but i can´t change it...
what is the problem.. How do I set up the user accounts on the 
samba-PDC in a way that the users can still work with their files?
i really dont know any further.. anyone out there who has expierience 
migrating from WINNT to Samba with existent user and everything?


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