Printing from windows 95

Simon Hyde simon at
Sun Sep 20 10:50:35 GMT 1998

Using the latest Samba source (last checked out a day or two ago) I cannot
get Windows95 (OSR2) to print to my Samba server. It just hurls the
following error message at me:
"There was an error writing to \\marvin\dj500_high for printer (HP DeskJet
500 - B/W):
There was a problem printing to the printer due to an unknown system error.
Restart Windows, and then try printing again.
This printer will be set to work offline.
To save your print job in the local printer queue, click OK."

I tried the fix recommended for NT systems (connect to a port and then map
that port to a remote system) and this solves the problem for a while,
however if the port is remapped in a login script then windows goes back to
hurling out the same message at me (with \\marvin\dj500_high replaced with
lpt1:). The only way I've found round this is to set the map the connection
as a persistent one.

I tried searching the list archives for references to printing problems
under Win95 but couldn't find any. I would like to know if anyone else has
come accross this problem and if it will be solved by the new spoolss
printing code Jean-Francois Micouleau.

Simon Hyde
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