Problem with on of my boxes..

mathewss at mathewss at
Sat Sep 19 04:20:07 GMT 1998

 Is it possible to have smbd be a process that does
not require fork() i dont know enough about the processing
it has to do but i do know that the ircd code i work with
all the time does an excellent job with large and small datagrams
with many many many fd's and is a single process. this makes
debuging a lot easier.. i duno just seems that under heavy load
eventualy the samba server on say a 200+ user network might get a bit
insane on the processes and again its realy hard for me to debug
this stuff. How do you all manage to do it? I want to find this bug
with the get_rpc_pipe but umm as i see it its not going to be easy
to catch it..

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

struct SoftwareProfessional { 
  double salary;
  long   lunches;
  float  jobs;
  char   unstable;
  void   work;
  short  tempers; 

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