help! Problems finding samba PDC

sebastian hueltenschmidt shueltenschmidt at
Thu Sep 17 12:05:20 GMT 1998

hello I got a Problem.
i´m trying to migrate from a running(;-)) WinNT40PDC servpack3
to a SAMBA PDC (rhlinux5.0,samba2.0.0alpha3, nis(yp))
i got win95 and nt40wkst- and nt40server-clients

samba is running in following modes...

security=server, server=WINPDC, encrypted passwds

security=user, encrypted passwds,

samba can be WINS server and so on.... everything seems to work fine..
when i change to netlogon=yes, and the workgroup to SAMBA then the win95 
CAN log in to the SAMBA domain, and they DO get their profiles from the 

i must admitt that i don´t have a config.POL on the SAMBA PDC.

so my problem is, the WINNT40 machines always say that there is no
PDC for domain SAMBA, and i hate them... Win95 works with SAMBA PDC,
winNT doesnt.... why? i cant explain no more, i tried encrypted and 
plain passwds, tried different machine$s.... i dont know... may there be 
a problem with the case of machine$ (i tried upper and lower), or
do i really need a config.POL for login, have i got the wrong sources??? 
(i compiled with FLAGS1=...-DNTDOMAIN without complaining, running 
stable so far with security=server).
please HELP 

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