nmbd fork-bombed my server

Markus Koelle mkoelle at gmx.de
Wed Sep 16 12:23:14 GMT 1998

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Subject:        	nmbd fork-bombed my server
Date sent:      	Wed, 16 Sep 1998 19:17:18 +1000

I've installed the 98-09-14-CVS-code an my linux machine (2.0.35-Kernel).
20 hours later my network with only very few clients becomes slower and 
slower. An "ps -ax|grep nmbd" and I was shocked : hundred or so nmbd-
processes - out of memory!  

The restart of "nmbd" was impossible - only a server reboot helps.

Is there a bug-fixed version in the cvs now?

Markus Koelle
mkoelle at gmx.de

> Downloaded yesterdays CVS-code and installed it on my server.
> Until yesterday the code worked mostly fine, at least non-fatal.
> Yesterday night Samba suddenly fork-bombed my server. Of course not by
> prupose, but the server effectivly was out of memory (& swap) to such
> a degree that even a "reboot" was not possible. A "ps" succeded and it
> showed the memory full off lots of nmbd's.
> The system is a Solaris_x86 with all the newest patches and GCC-2.8.1
> I have no idea what version samba is except that it is 2.0.0.alpha
> A datestamp beside "2.0.0.alpha" whould be very usefull.

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