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Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Sep 14 18:15:54 GMT 1998

> You mean NT SMB calls ? As samba is annoucing NT RPC calls since day one
> of PDC support. Or I missed something
> Before replying, I checked myself with:
>         An NT4 SP1 workstation,
>         A samba PDC server checked out on July 10 or so, which doesn't
> have the NT SMB calls but have the spoolss support (my dev server)
> I tried to change my password from the Ctrl|alt|del windows and it was
> unsuccessful. I didn't try from a dos box with a net user command. Anybody
> tried ?

I used the API ChangePassword from code
to get NT to do the old lanman password change.

But I think the 'net user' command may also do it.



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