profile directory

Marcos Mezo mmezo at
Sun Sep 13 23:38:41 GMT 1998

> 1) We ought NOT to create a file called "User_Name" but instead a
> directory by that name as the top point of the share.
> 2) We need to come to terms with the contents of the NTUser.DAT file.

The contents of the NTUser.DAT file are the ones found under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER"
if you use "regedt32" under Windows NT. As such it has all the information about
the user, like logon directory path, desktop path.., user restrictions like
hidden drive letters, permission to share things over the network, to modify
desktop appearance,...

You can see what is in it by opening the regedt32 program in NT, Going to the
HKEY_USERS section, choosing "Load Hive" from the File menu, selecting a
NTUser.DAT file of any user you have permsion to view and giving it a name. Then
a new branch can be seen with the name you have given, which has all the
contentes of NTUser.DAT. You can even modify it. When you are finished you can
"Unload Hive" and then it is saved again to NTUser.DAT with the modifications
you have made.


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