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Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sat Sep 12 19:20:00 GMT 1998

At 03:54 AM 9/13/98 +1000, Yaroslav Halchinsky wrote:
>I got the samba-2.0.0 this morning (using cvs) and I must admit
>it has several bugs

Experimental code normally does :)

>The first is when new user logs in a NT workstation samba creates
>not the *directory* `profile' but *file* `profile' and in case 
>profiles do not work at all. Solution - create directory `profile' 
>first then log in - it works fine.

root preexec scripts set for the profile share automate this 

>Next, a week or about ago there was cvs version that permited changing
>passwords from NT box. Now it does not, so the question is how
>to download previous version of samba.

Sorry.  The user password change has not been implemented yet.  To what 
password changes are you referring?

>BTW, printing does not work, but the LAN MAN solution works pretty well
>The server box is FreeBSD 2.2.7

Again. it's experiemental code.  Much of the PDC functionality 
is **not** implemented.  Sorry if you had thought otherwise.

BTW...the problems you mention are well known.  JF is working on 
the printer support.  The code is not completely finished and 
has therefore not been checked in at all.  Does anyone know if 
the profile problem mentioned is a bug in the NT client or the 
Samba code?

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