SAMBA crashes pcbridge?

Dobos Sanyi cly at
Sat Sep 5 07:50:25 GMT 1998


I'm running samba 2.0.0 prealpha from CVS.
I have a 100BaseT network with NT4SP3WS machines and with linux (2.0.35)
plus samba. This network connected to a 10Base coax via an old
i486dx4/100 machine running DOS and pcbridge2.77 (both cards throught
packet drivers).

If there is a big SMB traffic between samba server and the others, the
bridge stops in one minute.
Is that possible, that SAMBA crashes the bridge?

Has anyone an idea, what program to use to bridge? (two
cards:SMCEtherEZ/8416 chip and RTL8139 Fast Ethernet (acorp))

Please help me!

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