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Fri Sep 4 07:28:46 GMT 1998

> Hi everybody,
>  I have the following problem: I'd like to do some kind of user mapping
> but only for shares.
>  Let me explain. I have four users: bubu zuzu susu juju, their group is
> meme and their home directories are: /home/meme/<username> respectively.
>  I want to create a share with a path of /home/meme/common, and i have a
> user called meme. The directory is owned by meme and is group-writable.
>  I want to create this share so that any of the above users writes in it
> through samba let the owner of the file be meme. But only for this share,
> so the global user mapping is not a good solution for me.
>  I hope i could explain my problem clearly. 
>     Thanks in advance,
> 				Peter Martha
There is a way in samba to solve that specific problem.
In your share you must use "force user" and "force group" and perhaps "valid users" to restrict the access to a list of users. 

force user = meme
force group = meme
valid users = bubu, zuzu, susu, juju

Using these parameters, all the files will be created and modified with the uid and gid of "meme" and only the users specified in "valid users" will be able
to use this share.

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