SAMBA vs. NT :Logon To

Guillermo Sansovic gui at
Wed Sep 2 20:14:21 GMT 1998

>User may log on to these workstations: (up to 8)
>How can it be done on SAMBA?
>Is it possible to check some variable substitutions
>(%g, %U, %m, %M, ...) before normal password
>validation and in some conditions return "wrong password" ?
>Andres Punning

I recently requested information on a similar problem and 
got the following solution from  Andrej Borsenkow  <borsenkow.msk at>
to restrict login to a machine only to certain users:

  include = /usr/local/lib/smb.d/usr.%m
in your master smb.conf and for every PC with name %m create the above
file with
  valid users = <your user name>
See smb.conf(5) about %m, include and valid users.
If file won't be found, the include line will simply be ignored, so some
of your PCs can be restricted and other not.

I have it working since then. Hope it works for you.


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