Samba server + PAM_NTDOM

Yaroslav L. Halchinsky jar at
Thu Oct 29 13:24:28 GMT 1998

have anyone managed to make work together Samba server and PAM_NTDOM
Samba running on FreeBSD 2.2.7 accepts domain logons from NT workstations
but PAM returns something like "NT server responded - wrong password"
and there is strange msg in samba log file

[1998/10/29 14:46:10, 0] lib/util.c:client_addr(3753)
  getpeername failed, errcode Socket operation on non-socket
  iceberg ( closed connection to service IPC$

does this mean that Samba can't accept logons from PAM_NTDOM now? 
or this is a PAM_NTDOM problem?

Yaroslav Halchinsky

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