FIX: NT sending null username effects %U expansion

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Oct 28 17:06:01 GMT 1998

thwartedefforts at wrote:
> I understand that.  But this doesn't explain the explict copy of user to
>  sesssetup_user because that second if will _always_ succeed.  I propose the
>  following patch to that second if in smbd/reply.c (against cvs 981026):

.... patch cut...

> This change will make sesssetup_user be the same as user _only_ if samba is
>  not implictly forcing guest access when the client passes a null
>  username/password.  I've tested this and am unable to reproduce the effect I
>  originally described. This also makes non-null sessions override each other
>  thereby changing what %U expands to and reading a different configuration file
>  if a different username is used -- I believe this is wanted effect.

I wrote the original code to do that test - and I missed the
fact that the second test will always be true.

I think your patch is nearly correct - the actual intent
of the original code is :

   if((lp_security() != SEC_SHARE) || (*user && !guest))

[You had :

   if(((lp_security() != SEC_SHARE) || *user) && !guest)


The intent was only to change sesssetup_user in share level
security when a valid username was given.

In user level security sesssetup_user should *always* be
changed to match the incoming user (even if it's a null



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