NT4 Browsing Weirdness with picture

Daniel Robbins drobbins at obgyn.unm.edu
Wed Oct 28 06:11:24 GMT 1998


First, sorry about the blank messages!

At about 2:45 MST 10/27/98, I got the latest build and compiled it, and I'm
getting mangled share listings from the NT side, looking at the Samba server.
This is happening under NT4 service pack 3 and 4.  There's a GIF of this
phenomenon at http://obgyn.unm.edu/~drobbins/sp4.gif -- Please take a look at
it.  Also, it seems to be mangled in different ways depending on the machine I
use.  But this picture is pretty typical (taken from a machine with SP4 on it).


Daniel Robbins
System Administrator
University of New Mexico
drobbins at obgyn.unm.edu

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