NT sending guest username and parameter parsing problem

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at www.buffalostate.edu
Fri Oct 23 11:48:04 GMT 1998

> Right?  When I browse the samba machine, I see these.  But sometimes,
> when I click on share1 or share2, it will tell me that name
> \\server\share1 couldn't be found, and doing a refresh of the share
> listing in the explorer window removes share1 and share2.  Looking in
> the debug logs shows that the username that was sent was 'guest', and
> sometimes I'll see a message to the effect that it couldn't find the
> file named /shares/perms/user.guest when it checks to reread the
> configuration files.  Now what is interesting is that if I access my
> homes share first (\\server\abakun) then share1 and share2 seem to
> stick, but if I access everyone, share1 or share2 before I access
> \\server\abakun, it seems to go into an unpredictable state whereas I
> can't determine if my workstation is going to sent 'guest' as the
> username or the name I actually logged in as when it sends future
> requests for the share list.  I believe this can be forced to happen in
> a more predictable way if you have guest only shares which are accessed
> before shares that require validation. 
> Has anyone else noticed this?  I was first experiencing this problem

Yep I "sort of" get this problem.  The main complaints come for the NT4
SP3 users on another domain.  When they connect to my server (which is NOT
a PDC, it rus 1.9.18p10), they MUST connect as
"\\butler\username%username", in NT's network neighborhood, and MUST leave
the "connect as" box empty, and type their password in the normal password
field.  They DO NOT have to do the above if their NT username matches the
username on my server.  if the names do NOT match, the "forced user"
version is the only way to get your home dir in a Read/Write fashion.
depending on permissions the user has set, they wither get a connection
with nothing in the window ( no read permission for guest (world)), or a
window with no files modifyable (read only) (read permission for guest).


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