REPOST : -Re: nt password changing now works.

Amol Karnik amol at
Thu Oct 22 18:27:59 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> check the log files.  if you have ever changed your password with the
> "SMBtrans2" calls, this does _not_ update the NT 16 byte hash it only does
> the LM one.  the nt password change will then _fail_ because there is no
> NT password to decode the new password.

ummm sorry Luke, i have no clue as to what you are saying here! i made a
smbpasswd file from the /etc/passwd using the mkpasswd file, and did a
smbpasswd and changed my passwd on unix. i do not have a local account
on the nt wkstation. 

how do i fix it, so that i can now roll out the nt wkstations and ask
users to login with a std default password, and then do c-a-d to change
it to whatever they want?



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