nt password changing now works.

Mike Black mblack at csi.cc
Wed Oct 21 15:03:40 GMT 1998

Quick question on this...how does this synchronize with /etc/passwd???
Would like to allow the NT users to change their Unix password using their
NT workstations.

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From: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at switchboard.net>
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Date: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 8:04 PM
Subject: nt password changing now works.


i got encrypted rpcs in smbd working, tested with "small", i.e only one
dce/rpc fragment.  i've yet to see an encrypted rpc large enough to fit
into more than one dce/rpc fragment.  although, i could set the fragment
size to something bizarre and small.... hm.

ok.  testing against a workstation logged in to a samba domain...
ctrl-alt-del | change password... password change works!  oh yeah!

i tried testing earlier by typing in the domain name, i got a UDP SAMLOGON
query which i had to fix by always putting the unicode data at the end of
the response, but to no avail.  it forces an SMBtrans2 password change
_not_ a \PIPE\samr one.  wierd.  there must be something else in there.

so, to recap, in one sentence: password changing for nt workstations that
are a member of a samba domain now works.


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