NIS+ smbpasswd table

David Krovich dkrovich at
Tue Oct 20 18:24:48 GMT 1998

	Has anyone considered making an NIS+ table that would essentially
contain the same fields that are stored in the smbpasswd file?  
	One benefit I can see from this, is that you can then delegate
administrative control of that table the same way NIS+ lets you delegate
adminstrative control to the namespace.  

	I'm also debating the benefits of sharing this table to
different machines on the network.  With this setup, you could run 
multiple Samba NT-domains authenticating to the same NIS+ database.  The 
thing is, I can't figure why this would be a good idea, and I got a h
eadache thinking about it...  Once I get over my headache, I'll try and
think more about it.


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