Problem with USRMGR.exe

Simon Levitt Simon.Levitt at
Mon Oct 19 20:41:21 GMT 1998

I've been reading the messages about USRMGR.exe working correctly, and 
wondering why it doesn't here. I've been doing some digging and have 
traced the point at which our compiled version fails:

Solaris 2.6
Samba CVS'd as of about 1hr ago.

Stack trace from gdb:

#0  0xef64655c in t_splay ()
#1  0xef6463cc in t_delete ()
#2  0xef645dac in realloc ()
#3  0xa3190 in Realloc (p=0x122148, size=4178) at lib/util.c:3159
#4  0x9c2b4 in mem_realloc_data (buf=0xfb318, new_size=3154)
    at lib/membuffer.c:255
#5  0x72828 in api_rpc_command (p=0xfda48, rpc_name=0xbe338 
    api_rpc_cmds=0xe1aac, data=0xeffff380) at rpc_server/srv_util.c:674
#6  0x728ec in api_rpcTNP (p=0xfda48, rpc_name=0xbe338 "api_samr_rpc", 
    api_rpc_cmds=0xe1aac, data=0xeffff380) at rpc_server/srv_util.c:695
#7  0x6fa90 in api_samr_rpc (p=0xfda48, data=0xeffff380)
    at rpc_server/srv_samr.c:1452
#8  0x724ec in api_pipe_request (p=0xfda48, pd=0xeffff380)
    at rpc_server/srv_util.c:572
#9  0x725d8 in rpc_command (p=0xfda48, pd=0xeffff380)
    at rpc_server/srv_util.c:608
#10 0x35b00 in api_fd_reply (conn=0xeffff380, vuid=100, outbuf=0x10ff09 
    setup=0x26, data=0xfcf30 "\005", params=0x0, suwcnt=2, tdscnt=60, 
    tpscnt=0, mdrcnt=1024, mprcnt=0) at smbd/ipc.c:3236
#11 0x36274 in named_pipe (conn=0xfceb0, vuid=100, outbuf=0x10ff09 "", 
    name=0xeffff4d6 "", setup=0xff1c8, data=0xfcf30 "\005", params=0x0, 
    suwcnt=2, tdscnt=60, tpscnt=0, msrcnt=0, mdrcnt=1024, mprcnt=0)
    at smbd/ipc.c:3458
#12 0x369c8 in reply_trans (conn=0xfceb0, inbuf=0xffb01 "", 
    outbuf=0x10ff09 "", size=0, bufsize=61440) at smbd/ipc.c:3597
#13 0x53368 in switch_message (type=9, inbuf=0xffb01 "", 
outbuf=0x10ff09 "", 
    size=140, bufsize=61440) at smbd/process.c:489
#14 0x533f4 in construct_reply (inbuf=0xffb01 "", outbuf=0x10ff09 "", 
    size=140, bufsize=61440) at smbd/process.c:522
#15 0x535b4 in process_smb (inbuf=0xffb01 "", outbuf=0x10ff09 "")
    at smbd/process.c:592
#16 0x53f28 in smbd_process () at smbd/process.c:936
#17 0x25c38 in main (argc=0, argv=0xeffffc14) at smbd/server.c:713

Does this give anyone any bright ideas? The only oddity I've found is 
that buf->data and p don't match across the function call to Realloc - 
but that could be caused by the crash... (removing -O2 from the 
compilation doesn't help either).

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