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Fri Oct 16 07:02:36 GMT 1998

hi all,
	Here at the Inst. of Computer Science we have over 500 hosts running several 
different os, SunOs/Solaris/SGI/NT/Win/Linux/BSDI/FreeBsd etc.
	We also service a big variety of users, administration, student's labs,
reseach labs, PCs etc. not to mention PPP and remote users.
	To keep some sence of sanity, we have central-password-broker, and with
different degree of difficulty/simplicity have managed to 'convince' the 
different platforms to use this service.
	I have made the necessary changes to Samba, and is working, my problem
is that i have to do this every time i want to upgrade, and i need Samba/PDC.
	As much as my ego would like my name to appear as one of the contributors, i 
don't think you people should go out of the way to accomodate my whims. What I 
suggest is to meet half way.
	I'm about to start making the changes to 2.0, and would like very much if 
some of my ideas make it into the distribution.


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Daniel Braniss					e-mail: danny at
Institute of Computer Science			phone:  +972 2 658 4385
The Hebrew University				Fax:    +972 2 561 7723
Jerusalem, Israel

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