Server manager works with latest CVS!

James Willard james at
Fri Oct 16 01:20:54 GMT 1998

My smbpasswd matches /etc/passwd only for a few entries, such as root and
james. However, when I try to start User Manager, it gives a RPC Server
Unavailable message. Shouldn't it just not display usernames in User Manager
instead of the RPC Server message?

Also, something interesting I noticed in Server Manager is that after
viewing the properties of a PDC, you can click on "Users" or "In Use" to
view the current users on the machine or the files that are in use. But if
you try to do "Shares" you get another RPC error. Interestingly enough,
doing this on a non-PDC machine works fine. Either "Users" "Shares" or "In
Use" will work. 

Does samba have the capability for the description line to be changed from
the properties of the machine in Server Manager yet?

James Willard
james at

> >  I wonder if my usermgr failure is due to users still being in smbpasswd
> > after being deleted from the system. It is quite possible there are
> > old users in smbpasswd that have long been deleted from the system, since
> > the system user delete program wont know about the samba passwords.
> >
> >  Time to sort my password files an compare...
> Yes, after I removed the account "Administrator" from smbpasswd,
> they work fine except the last user in smbpasswd appear twice in
> usrmgr.

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