Server manager works with latest CVS!

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu Oct 15 23:22:59 GMT 1998

> >  Ive never seen the 'usermgr' work, and I my smbpasswd and /etc/passwd
> > files ARE different. All the Unix daemons and other special non user
> > ID's are not in the smbpasswd file.
> usernames in smbpasswd MUST match those in /etc/passwd.  additional names
> in /etc/passwd need NOT occur in smbpasswd.

 I wonder if my usermgr failure is due to users still being in smbpasswd
after being deleted from the system. It is quite possible there are
old users in smbpasswd that have long been deleted from the system, since
the system user delete program wont know about the samba passwords.

 Time to sort my password files an compare...

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