Can't access user settings

James Thompson jamest at
Thu Oct 15 18:34:11 GMT 1998

CVS code from this morning running on Solaris 2.6

I am able to log my Nt4 Workstation into the domain, the profile directory
is created if it doesn't exist, passwords work fine, I/O works fine.

The problem.....

As a user I can create desktop icons, start menu icons just fine and can
see them in my profile directory on the samba server.  But it will not
save changes such as color schemes which I asssumed would be part of my
profile.  (I'm new with Nt4 & Roving Profiles)  Also, whenever I run the
telnet client from the run command on the start menu I get a dialog

Can't Access User Settings

After I press OK I can use telnet.  When I close the telnet window I get
the same dialog.  Other programs (ping, edit) run fine.  

I've noticed that the history on the start->run menu button never has
items added to it.  Neither does start->documents.  I assumed that these
were part of the profile as well. 

I didn't notice any registry changes that are required in the docs.  But
I'm now assuming that something is attempting to be stored locally for a
user that does not exist on the workstation only on the network.

Does anyone have any idea where I've misconfigured the system.

Also, I keep reading about a NTconfig.POL file and that I must create it
with the policy editor from NT server.  I don't have access to NT server
media, and couldn't find it on Microsofts web site.  Where can I get it
and docs on policies?


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