PDC/BDC Questions

David Krovich dkrovich at wvu.edu
Wed Oct 14 15:30:55 GMT 1998

	Is there a way to take a PDC (Windows NT) and make it become
a member server in a different NT-Domain without re-installing?

	We currently have an NT Server running, and I want to make
it a part of Domain managed by a Samba Server acting as a PDC.  I still
want the NT Server to be a member of the new domain, because I still
want to use some sortware thats intalled on the machine, as well as
use it for doing things like Print Serving, WINS, etc.  I'd really
rather not do a re-install if I can avoid it.

	It would also be neat to do things this way, because all of
my NT account information would still exist on the current NT Server,
and if I'm reading things correctly, people could still athenticate 
directly to the NT Server, similar to the way people would authenticate
to the local resources of a NT Workstation that exists in a Domain.

	Any tips? 

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