Still using smbpasswd file for security=server

Shad O'Neil shad at
Fri Oct 9 14:59:25 GMT 1998

I'm using the precompiled samba-2.0.0pre1 binary for my RedHat 5.1 box and I
was trying to set up the security = server option.  I got it to join the NT
server domain (as a bdc I guess), but for mapping, etc. it doesn't verify
the password on the NT server.  It kept telling me that my password was
incorrect.  I replaced my smbpasswd file and then it worked fine.  What am I
doing wrong to get it to still use the samba password file?  Does the binary
not have that option compiled into it?

I have options:

security = server
workgroup = TWE
password server = joker

Also, I have a wins server defined and I notice I still get a lot of
broadcasts still asking for my linux servers address.  Does it take a while
to take effect?  How can I tell if it's working or not?

Shad O'Neil

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