Get "Your account has been disabled" when trying to logon to NT Wrkstn

David Krovich dkrovich at
Fri Oct 9 14:05:42 GMT 1998

	Search for your username in the the smbpasswd file.  Look
at the 5th colon delimited field.  If you see something like,
[DU	], remove the D.  (At least, thats what worked for me)

	From my experience, it seems smbpasswd adds a D to any
account I use it to change the password, which seems to have the effect
of expering the account.

> At the NT workstation login:
>  a) If I give a bad user name (not in smbpasswd) we get
>    a message saying "bad username or password"
>  b) If I try to logon as myself (and I'm in the smbpasswd file)
>    I get the "your account has been disabled" message
>    on the NT box.  I get this message whether or not I type
>    my password correctly (!)

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