Get "Your account has been disabled" when trying to logon to NT Wrkstn

James Thompson jamest at
Fri Oct 9 13:15:56 GMT 1998

On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Russell W. Quong wrote:

> (Been using samba 1.9.16/17/18 for almost a year happily).
> I grabbed the 2.0.0 alpha code as of Oct 2 to get PDC support.
> Using 2.0.35 linux kernel, slackware 3.5, egcs 1.0.3 compiler.
> Massaged a header file and the Makefile and got samba to compile
> Set up samba to be the PDC, for our doamin ITU.
> The NT Workstation client sees the domain.
> At the NT workstation login:
>  a) If I give a bad user name (not in smbpasswd) we get
>    a message saying "bad username or password"
>  b) If I try to logon as myself (and I'm in the smbpasswd file)
>    I get the "your account has been disabled" message
>    on the NT box.  I get this message whether or not I type
>    my password correctly (!)

Did you use smbpasswd to set your samba password?  If your
/usr/local/exp-samba/private/smbpasswd files contains just X's then your
account is disabled.

Next, and I have no idea if this is correct.  I found that if a use root
to set a user password then the account is still disabled even though the
password has been set.  To fix this I edit the password file by hand, part
of each password entry has something that normally looks like 
[U      ] (don't count the spaces my samba server is down so I'm pulling
this from memory) except on people whom have had their password changed by
root, then it looks like [DU      ].  My thinking was D = disable so i
removed the D and everything works fine.

Can anyone show me where to get info about the [U      ] entries, I can't
find docs on them and it doesn't seem to match ENCRYPTION.txt

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