Mandatory Profiles

CAE Samba Admin caesmb at
Thu Oct 8 15:19:12 GMT 1998


I have a few questions that I need clarification on after reading in docs,
man pages, and faq regarding mandatory profiles.

I run a few computer labs with a total of about 120 computers.  I would
like each computer and thus each user to all use one profile for ease of
maintanence.  First off, is this the way to do mandatory profiles?  I
mean, do I point "logon path" and a non variable location?  Also, is it
okay to have this location be read only?  

I tried doing this.  I copied an exisiting "Default User" profile to a
read only samba share, renamed the dat's to man's, and set the logon path
to point to this share.  However, after doing this, the policies do not
take affect (however the links get downloaded okay) and I cannot use the
NT resource kit utility "SETX" to modify the environment in the profile.

Is there anyone who has mandatory profiles implemented under a samba PDC
who can help me out.


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