Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 8 12:00:33 GMT 1998

James Thompson wrote:
> ....I created a profile and profile.pds in my home dir.  
> This stopped the cannont create dir error on the NT client 
> but now it claims roving profiles are not available and a
> local copy will be used instead.
> [global]
>    logon path = \\noether\Profiles\%U\profile
> [Profiles]
>     path = /usr/local/samba.nt/samba/profiles
>     browseable = yes
>     guest ok = yes

This should be 'no'

>     writable = yes

This has to be 'yes' so that the user can update their profile.
If you don't want to allow them to change things, look into 
mandatory profiles.

>     case sensitive = no
>     preserve case = yes

One thing I am noticing, and someone may correct me on this, 
but I don't think that NT will create a profile directory more 
than one level deep.  What I mean is that if you have the 

		logon path = \\%L\profile\%U

		path = /export/smb/profile

Then NT will send a create request to make 
/export/smb/profile/%U.  But if the 

		logon path = \\%L\profile\%U\profile

and \\%L\profile\%U does not exist, then it will not 
make the profile directory because it is 2 levels deep.
Try creating this directory using a root prexec script 
or something and see if that doesn't help.  Of course 
if the directory does exist and your having problems, 
then my comments are useless :)

Hope this helps,
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