Mysterious files in users Profile directory

John Lundbäck e92_jlu at
Mon Oct 5 17:01:39 GMT 1998

Hi all!

I'm not really sure this question is proper here but anyway...
Every time a user logs in and out there are some mystical files created
in the users Profile directory, these files are named prfxx and prfxx.log
What are they for creatures and why do they multiply? 
One is always 0 bytes the other is exactly 8Kb. How do I get rid of these
files? They are beginning to be really annoying (and consuming disk space).

Question two is the printer hack described in the NTdom FAQ. I put the line
net use lpt1 \\server\printer into my ntlogon.bat file, but this produces an 
error when it is executed by the client station during the logon sequence. The 
printing does work though, just wonder if there is something more to know than 
there appears to be.

Regards, John

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