access to samba share via NT5

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Oct 5 12:00:04 GMT 1998

Herve CIMADOMO wrote:
> using (testing) nt5, i discovered that share on samba2.0.0 
> prealpha doesnt' work However, the same share on samba 1.9.17 
> alpha 4 work. thinking that it's a pb of case options, i'm testing 
> many configuration without success . any idea ?

Once you tell an NT client that you support the DCE/RPC calls, it 
tends to want to make on only DCE/RPC calls.  Actually no support 
has been done for NT5 yet.  SP4 comes first.  

The reason that 1.9.17p4 will work is that it doesn't support 
DCE/RPC and thus the NT client will not try to use this.

BTW...What beta version of NT 5 are you using (1 or 2)?

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