smbpasswd questions

Dana Canfield canfield at
Sun Oct 4 16:00:50 GMT 1998

I've got a couple general questions about smbpasswd (both the file and
the program), and a feature request (as if there weren't enough to do

First, is the current format of the smbpasswd file documented anywhere?
I know it's changed quite a bit lately, and I currently have about 5
types of entries in my passwd file (from various programs that hit the
file directly).

Considering the above question, is there currently any tool for cleaning
up or migrating the smbpasswd file to the current format.  If not, I may
try to throw this together in perl or something.  Once again, I would
need to understand what variations are currently allowed in order to do
this correctly.

Also, is there any way we could get a feature added to smbpasswd that
would "zero-out" the password for a given machine?  Maybe there is
already a way to do this, but I haven't yet found it.  We usually end up
having to re-build a couple of machines per week, and editing the
smbpasswd file is getting a bit tedious.



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