Return of quota-support soon ?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat Oct 3 01:29:44 GMT 1998

> 	The reason I ask, is that I have setup samba on Solaris 2.5.1
> machine.  I'm getting ready to use PDC samba to take the place of
> our current NT Server.  My plan is to use Solaris to handle user
> quotas, and then let users get to their home directories via Samba.
> Samba will "abide" by those quotas, won't it?

Samba will abide by them (Samba does not use root privileges for file
access, so it always abides by OS rules).

The aim of quota support in Samba is to get the right value reported
for the amount of free disk space available. When a user runs dir they
should see at the bottom the amount of free quota they have available
not the total amount of free disk space.

Personally I think that the real problem is the way quotas have been
designed on unix systems. The statvfs() or equivalent call that
reports the amount of free disk should itself modify the result to
take into account quotas, or additional fields should have been added
to the return structure to show the quota values. Unfortunately the
people who put quota support into the various OSes (in mostly
incompatible ways) did it via special quota calls. This means that
every application that wants the amount of free disk space needs to be
modified for each OS to be quota enabled. This is dumb!

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