ksh UWIN 1.6 and samba shares problem

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Oct 2 19:42:01 GMT 1998

Pierre-Jules Tremblay wrote:
> So far I've had no feedback one way or the other.

Sorry 'bout that.

> This causes me to wonder: how come the client initiates the
> transaction with a different call (open_and_X vs ntcreate_and_X) ?  Is
> there something in the protocol/dialect negotiation that tells the
> client which one to use?  There wasn't anything in the NETMON trace
> that lead me to believe so.

Jeremy's introduced support for the NT smb commands a while back.  
There is a falg in the negotian packet that says whether or not the
server supports NT SMB's.

> Any information you guys could provide on what I should be looking for
> would be much appreciated.

Question : The CAP file for the 'ls' that works was against a Samba 
2.0 server or against an NT server?  Can get you a successful trace 
from an NT Server?

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