Sharing printers via Win95 and NT4.0

Monica Lillico monica at
Thu Oct 1 22:11:20 GMT 1998

Currently, I am attempting to share out my printers using Samba
1.9.18p10 on hp735 (hpux version 10).  I am able to access the printers
from Windows 95 and download the drivers to those machines, but I am
unable to do so with Windows NT 4.0.  The documentation stated that it
was only compatible with Windows 95 at that time.

Has there been any progress made for compatibility with NT 4.0?

Also, when I go to install the printer on a Win95 machine, I get to the
point where it's going to pick the correct driver and it presents me
with a list of drivers as opposed to automatically downloading/copying
the drivers.  It will copy the correct drivers when I put
\\hp735\printer$ as the location, though...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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