Jeremy: your mail is bouncing

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Fri Oct 2 10:21:47 GMT 1998

Hi Anders,

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Anders Blomdell wrote:

> Hi,
> Your debugging output looks peculiar:
> >You know, I am seeing something strange. When parsing the smbpasswd
> >file, mod_smbfilepwd_entry is failing on a sanity test:
> >"8" ":" "\r" "\r"
> \r's should not be in the file at all; could it be that you have edited the
> file with some PC editor that has added CRLF's to the file?
> On the other hand maybe the could should treat \r's and \n's as equivalent?
> Get rid of the \r's and try again.

Opppssss!!! I should have explained this :-)

The debug code had a DEBUG(... "%c", linubuf[i] ...)). So, Carriage
Return (ASCII 0xa) look like this when printed as %c:

.... "8" ":" "
" "

So, I manually "re-touched" these to make them look like "\r" :-)

The smbpasswd file was created by the smbpasswd command and in some
cases edited with vi.

See ya!


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