Emergency: Unable to take ownership of files

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 1 18:02:59 GMT 1998

Tom Turpin wrote:
> I have moved one user over to this new CAD domain.  He needs to take
> possession of his files that he had in the RDOMAIN.  Is it possible?  If so,
> how?  The owner of the file shows as Machine\Administrators and gives the
> following error:
>         Unable to take ownership because the account "CAD\00000413" could
> not     be accessed on the remote machine due to the following error:
>                 The account could not be found.
> I have solve this one ASAP.

You can try updateng the source.  Luke has just introduced some new
functions ( lsalookupsid() ), or you can make the user copy the 
files to a samba share where you can configure ownership on the 
unix side of things.  Sorry but this is one area where the code 
is almost there but still a few things to figure out.:\

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