Smbpasswd problem with NT Wst

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 1 17:54:07 GMT 1998

Andrew Perrin - Demography wrote:
> Tom - my understanding of this is that the smbpasswd -a -m (machinename)
> changes the entry back to the ORIGINAL password for that machine;
> periodically, machines change their passwords with the PDC for security
> reasons.  That's why re-joining the domain without re-smbpasswd'ing
> doesn't work, and (I expect) why re-smbpasswd'ing without re-joining
> doesn't work.

Andrew is correct.  smbpasswd -a -m <machine> create the 
LMHASH and NTHASH entries.  Once the machine jjoins the domain
it will change the machine password and **both** fields will 
be the NTHASH. 

There have been some reports of problems with the smbpasswd 
command (one or two) but have not been worked out yet or 
reproduced.  So i'm not sure what to say about that.

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