Smbpasswd problem with NT Wst

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu Oct 1 14:09:12 GMT 1998

Tom Turpin wrote:
> I had two workstations up and working.  Their password entries in the
> smbpasswd file were identical.  In the process of bringing a third machine
> onto the domain, I noticed that the new third machine Doppler did not have
> identical passwd entries.  Subsequently, it does not log into the Samba PDC
> correctly complaining that it's computer account or computer password is
> incorrect.  Any ideas people?  I went back and deleted one of the two
> working machines from the smbpasswd file and tried to add it back with
> smbpasswd -a -m jordan.  That now corrupts the passwords so that they are
> not identical and it won't login properly.

We have the same problem with the 09/26 prealpha version. The smbpasswd
file was corrupted if:
1. a new user is added
2. a computer is added to domain

replacing the bin/smpasswd with older one, solve the problem (1), but
the problem (2) persists... the process for add a new machime uses
similar code (routines) to smpasswd but perhaps no the smbpasswd... so,
now we have the 09/23 version instead the 09/26.

Previous to corrupt the entire file, the [W] or [U] fields in the
smbpasswd lines sounds like:  [W       ] or [U       ]  (with spaces).

Our smbpasswd file has 13.000 entries (420 machines plus 12580 users).

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