frustrated and lost

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 1 03:41:21 GMT 1998

I believe the proble you're having is that you haven't set your smb
password.  Note that, because of NT's limitations, it's not (currently)
possible to authenticate NT logins (or, more accurately, SMB logins) via
the /etc/passwd file.  (You can simulate this, I think, by using some of
the PAM modules, but I don't know anything about those).

The mksmbpasswd script just makes entries in the ~/private/smbpasswd file
for users --- but the users' passwords are null (32 X's).  You need to
change your smb password by running samba/bin/smbpasswd; I suspect that's
your problem.

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On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Amol Karnik wrote:

> hi all,
> i've been trying to monitor this list for the past few weeks and was
> trying to see if i can implement samba in my network here.
> i was been totally unsucessful in doing so, and am frustrated now. there
> are a lot of doc files in the distribtion, but they keep on referring to
> each other, and now i'm lost.
> i obtained the latest samba2.0prealpha cvs sources for the NTDOM Version
> of samba and compiled it on a sun runnning solaris2.5.1
> the docs said compile it with the -DNTDOMAIN flag ....but where ?
> i added it to the Makefile in the sources dir in the CFLAGS line like
> this :
> CFLAGS=-g -I/usr/openwin/include -I/usr/dt/include -DNTDOMAIN
> i  hope this is correct, because it compiled anyways.
> then i installed the samba binaries etc in /usr/local/samba. created a
> smb.conf file
> started the daemons manually.
> according to the ENCRYPTION.txt file, i created a smbpaswd file by doing
> ypcat passwd | >/usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd
> and then changed the permission on the private dir and smpasswd file,
> and then enabled the line "encrypt passwords = yes"
> i'm not going to have a NT server in the network, only workstations. in
> fact right now ,i dont even have NT machine, but will get them next
> week, and i wanted to check that this worked. doesnt seem to do so from
> a sun using smbclient, and a win95 machine. both doesnt work, although
> if i do smbclient -L sambaservername i get a list of shares etc, but the
> user is "nobody". as myself, i cant use my unix password if i do
> smbclient -L blue -U amol i get :
> "Session setup failed for username=amol myname=BLUE destname=BLUE  
> ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect
> or Session Setup are invalid.)"
> does anyone know if there is a single document on the web which explain
> how to set up samba as an NTdomain and password server, for idiots for
> me? i dont even know at this stage if what i've written makes sense or
> not...i'm lost. completely.
> unfortuntely i cant find one single document which explain all the steps
> needs, clearly. this samba stuff seems to be meant for experienced
> NT/network admins.
> - amol

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