long logout duration

Urs Steiner urs.steiner at switzerland.org
Wed Nov 25 19:09:33 GMT 1998

Hy all

I have a small but annoying problem:
i am using Samba 2.0.0-prealpha from november 20 (well it was also in
previous versions) as a domain server for my NT WKS4SP4.

login doesn't take substantially more time than before joining the domain
but the logout takes now about 5 minutes longer...
which doesn't really seem normal for transmitting about 2mb over a
100mbit-network it would seem to me ...

and what i can remember from the last time i sat at a machine with a real
NT server(been quite a time ) it didn't take quite as long as this...

so: is a)my memory faulty?
       b)some settings not as they should be
    or c)this is like it is and there is nothing which can be done about
that other than drinking a good cup of whatever?


e-mail: urs [dot] steiner [at] switzerland [dot] org
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