Password Expiration

Sean E. Millichamp sean at
Wed Nov 25 13:13:26 GMT 1998

I looked at the NT-DOM FAQ and searched the mailing list archive but
couldn't come up with a definite answer to this question.

It has been my experience that with Samba 1.9.18 in security=server mode
that Samba does not handle situations where NT requires that the user
change their password (such as when "User must change password on next
logon" is checked).  The result is just a logon denied.

Does 2.0 handle this properly (i.e.: relaying a message to the NT
workstation to pop up a window prompting for a new password)?  If so I may
need to make an early switch.  This client won't be too keen on hearing
"uhh... we can't do that" :(

If it's the capability isn't there right now how hard would it be to
implement?  I have never done Samba coding (or anything wrt protocols) but
I know some C and I might hack at it if I thought there was any chance of


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